A Fierce Love

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched– they must be felt with the  heart.    –Helen Keller

Christmas is all but here.

Amid the romance and coziness of my first-world Christmas, I admit that it can be difficult for me to connect with the original Christmas story.  Every December, I have to work to keep the Nativity spirit alive.

The juxtaposition of the comfort and the busyness of the season can result in a lethal combination that anesthetizes my soul to the fierceness of God’s unimaginable love story.

The first holy night in Bethlehem has forever altered the course of human history and the impact of Christianity that was its fruit is unarguable.  Regardless of whether or not you profess belief in Jesus as the Son of God, the innumerable signs of the impact of Jesus’ life are manifest around us.

I often ask myself, what was God thinking?  Why didn’t He choose a time in history that would conspire with His strategy to bring all of humanity back to Him?

I mean, He is Omnipotent and He would have been able to anticipate the many multimedia discoveries that were on the horizon merely two millennia later.

Why did He choose a naïve teenage girl, a stubborn carpenter, an obscure village, a suspicious community, a hard-hearted religion, a heavy-handed dictatorship, a perverse culture, and a barbaric time in human history as elements for the crucible in which to form the Light of the World?

Implausible as it seems, the Author of the entire Universe fulfilled thousands of years of prophecy and foreshadowing.  He was born in to the world a meek and humble child and He left the world a seemingly weakened and humiliated man. Clearly, God’s ways are not our ways.

The miracle of the first Christmas is a great reminder for me to trust, not in material things but in the abundant providence and perfect timing of God.  There is a plan and I am wise to keep conscious contact with the Planner.

For my family, I am resolved to balance Christmas 2015 with a healthy dose of Christmas 0001.  I will be focused this Christmas Eve.  I will fall to my knees and much like the little drummer boy in the beloved Christmas carol, I’ll again promise to come and play my best for him.

I wish you lasting peace and may joy abound in your heart tonight, on Christmas, and always.

Thomas “TD” Dierker
Live like you’re dying….cause you are!

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  1. Rick Lohre

    Brother TD. Off the chain again man!!
    Love your take on the Nativity of our Lord. Too often we don’t look at it from the perspective of the others and the part they played in God’s work to bring us our Savior.
    Mary & Joseph…seriously…can you imagine being entrusted with bringing His Kingdom to earth? For real…that takes some serious intestinal fortitude to ante up and say “I’m in…may Your will be done”.

  2. Franco

    I also must say that on this most Holy of nights I am reminded that our Father announced not to the rich and powerful that he had arrived on Earth but to the meek and humble shepards, those men that were seen as the worst of the worst, the down and out, those were the men entrusted with the most powerful event known to man to date. In pray we all become like the shepards and peacefully rejoice in the birthday of our Lord,

    God Bless

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