Balanced & Focused: All systems go!

Hey everybody–this is my final commentary on what you can expect from my future efforts with Balanced & Focused.  We go live this coming Sunday.  I’m very excited!

My intention with sharing these cruxes is really very simple: it’s to write to Everyman– but not to every man……every time!  I anticipate that you’ll take what you like and leave the rest.  Some cruxes will resonate, others won’t and that’s OK.  Perhaps it would help you to view a crux as a distillation of personal experiences that will,from time to time, encourage us to gain some perspective .

My sincere hope is that our efforts will align.  That on deeper levels we will not miscommunicate.  That you trust my intentions.

At this point, I intend to send the individual cruxes to you and future subscribers, every Sunday in the mid-afternoon. Very soon, our website will curate each crux and allow for other individuals to subscribe and receive future weekly distributions.  As the spirit moves you, I hope you’ll reach back out and offer your comments and perspectives–our website will afford you that option too.

All along in my adult life, I have felt pulled to write and share my experiences with other men.  I am grateful to a few special people for encouraging me and pushing me to respond to this persistent urge within me.

I am so grateful,


Thomas “TD” Dierker
Live like you’re dying….cause you are!

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