Balanced & Focused…Back With More!

Hello again and thanks for the great show of support and positivity generated by my first email.  As mentioned, here is a bit more on my future efforts.

I am willing to admit that I’m frustrated; my life seemingly has taken on a pace all its own these days. So many of my wakeful hours are spoken for.  Even before I am out of bed, I’m wondering….how will I do it all?

With every passing day, I’ve grown more deeply discontented with this reality.  I’ve come to the profound realization that being busy with my to-do list can’t be the primary focus of my life. My soul is grumbling and in an earnest search for something more.  I’m convinced that this feeling is not unique to me.  We are all struggling with the near endless demands for our time and personal resources.

The method by which I’ll communicate will be in the form of a short weekly message that I call a CRUX.  I want to share what I am discovering in my search to reclaim balance and focus in my own life.  I trust that by sharing every Sunday within this context, we will jointly reflect on the trajectory of our lives.  I don’t doubt that the shared perspective will inspire us to make better daily choices on how we spend the currency of time.

Thanks in advance for your ongoing interest and candor around this effort.

I’m very grateful, TD

Thomas “TD” Dierker
Live like you’re dying….cause you are!

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