No More Unemployment

Some friends and close loved ones are struggling with recent unemployment and under-employment. In most of the cases, losing their job has come as a result of their company’s downsizing.  Some were casualties of large companies’ decisions to outsource/off-shore entire departments which had been comprised of highly educated and capable professionals. This difficult reality is becoming more and more common, creating a real burden for talented and caring individuals. Many important jobs and companies that had been thriving for generations have been eviscerated over the last decade.

Personally, I would not welcome having to stoop down with well-worn tools to repair a wounded or de-railed career. A sudden reversal of fortune in my career would likely leave me crestfallen and feeling as if I had failed. How is it that I allow my success or failure at work to become an affirmation or indictment of my self-worth? When I build my self-concept on something that is more meaningful than my professional career, I no longer need to fear unemployment. No matter what is happening in my life, the great challenge is to trust and maintain belief in myself and the Power that guides me.

There is no “ladder” that I can give to someone else to get them out of a “hole” in which they might find themselves. Remodeling work on our insides is very personal and requires careful introspection. The holes in which I found myself trapped have been unique and the ladders that I needed were necessarily tailor-fit. Here are a few important disciplines that have buoyed my efforts during the tougher times in my life. I try to keep these on-line at all times. I trust that you will find them useful as you search for and build the trusted guideposts of your own journey.

Prayer– Consolation and clarity are the results when I quiet myself and give my eternal soul a chance to rule over the temporal parts of me. This time alone is a contraction that produces an expansion.

Authentic Relationships- Being real with my wife, my kids, my closest friends and loved ones lightens my load. These special people remind me that who I am is more important than what I do or what I have. Being around people who inspire and challenge me creates major emotional lift as I slug through a particular set-back or obstacle.

Positive Influences- There are so many great sources of inspiration in movies, books, podcasts, and music. Filling my mind and soul with good energy is a great way to re-inflate my own positive expectancy and it allows my unconscious to marinate its way to serendipity.

Visualization- I have experienced dramatic results in my life when I have clearly articulated a personal vision and then focused intently on that vision. I sometimes forget the power that comes from this often underutilized discipline.

Motion- What is one thing that I can do in the moment to produce positive momentum in my deliverance from a particular downturn? I’ll always remember my first varsity wrestling match as a sophomore. I was getting mauled and I looked over at my coach. He just kept shouting at me… “DO SOMETHING! MOVE! DO ANYTHING!” When things are bleak, I remind myself to DO SOMETHING.

I try to establish a persistent daily rhythm of these disciplines in order to restore and enliven the deeper parts of me.

If you are in a tight spot now, will you consider letting others help you fashion a plan for your great escape? If you sense someone else struggling, would you consider reaching out to them in order to help build a bridge to their better tomorrow?

Thomas “TD” Dierker
Live like you’re dying….cause you are!

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  1. Rick

    Best post yet TD. Love the message, the action set you have created to stay disciplined. Pillars we all should take note of and either incorporate or draw from to create our own.
    God Bless brother!

  2. Angie Dudderar

    Very well written. I don’t even know what you do TD, but I have always been in awe of you, your wife and family. Your faith in God is very evident as is the love you have for your family, friends and life itself. You are very kind to others and always welcoming with a genuine smile. You are definitely the nice in a world where there seems to be a lot of mean. Thank you for being you, and God bless.

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