Combatting the Grind of Travel

“I read the paper every day and the Bible too; that way I know what both sides are up to.”

– Zig Ziglar

Because of the work that I do, I travel to many different places each year. It can be a real grind. The reality is that unless I am with my family, there is not much glamour in air travel, hotels or popular restaurants. This is ironic because I can remember that as a child, I relished the rare opportunity that I had to fly on an airplane with my parents. By the time that I was sixteen, I had flown only twice so the idea of being able to jet around during my adult years seemed very exciting to me. Now, I don’t look forward to traveling nearly as much as my younger self had envisioned.

What I miss the most while traveling are the invaluable parts of my daily routine. When at home, it is far easier for me to stay disciplined and cultivate the habits that promote health and vibrancy in me. Conversely, when I am on the road, I risk falling out of the well-worn practices that lead to my personal wellness. I am easily irritated and prone to grumpiness when I get off balance. Thankfully, it has become easier for me to recognize when I become unbearable to myself and others. With practice, I am getting better at knowing what leads me down my own road to perdition. I am also aware of what I need to do to get back to my center point.

If I am not vigilant, the habits that I have formed as a part of my successful regimen at home are often lost while I am on the road. No matter where I am, the following is a list of the things that I safeguard in order to stay positively disposed in my day.

Good Quality Sleep- There is no way for me to circumvent this reality. I need seven to eight quality hours of sleep each night. This sacred time is when my body and soul reunite and recharge.

Good Nutrition- My body is continually reinventing itself cell by cell. The foods that I eat are the raw materials that I provide as fuel for the miraculous rebuild that is taking place inside of me every second that I am alive.

Healthy Emotional Connections- I need to feel connected to the people who matter most to me. I begin to wilt from the inside if I can’t engage my heart in meaningful ways each day.

Positive Influences- It is so much easier for me to be a good person when I am around good people. A former mentor of mine encouraged me to recognize that I would learn more from my friends than I would ever learn from books. I am careful to choose my influences wisely.

Physical Exercise- I know that the manner in which I express myself physically is determined by my exercise habits.  When I commit to exercising and execute on my intentions, my physical realities change and I feel healthier and more alive.

Prayer and Solitude- When I am busy, this can be the first one to go; despite the fact that it is my greatest force multiplier.

Traveling is disruptive to the things that support my overall Balance and Focus. Recognizing this fact as I prepare for any given trip better equips me to make healthy and life-giving choices while I am away.

While traveling for work, take advantage of opportunities to make deposits in your health and well-being “accounts.” Make an effort to recognize one bad habit that you could displace the next time that you are on the road.

Thomas “TD” Dierker
Live like you’re dying….cause you are!

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