In Full Disclosure

A few people have asked what motivates me to write the weekly Crux and how do I decide on the topics about which I write. You can read more about what motivates me to write by CLICKING HERE, but I want to dive in deeper by offering some recent thoughts as well.

I write about the things that I most want to achieve. Each of us is here for just a short period of time and comprised of a delicate combination of nature and nurture. Each of us wants to be happy and none of us intends to struggle or fail on purpose. I am a student of life, but I want to be a doer…the world does not need another preacher; it needs doers! I subscribe to the belief that virtuous living is attractive and life affirming.

I write to encourage. Life can be difficult and each of us can find himself or herself in unwanted tight spots. Sometimes the words of a friend or family member can inspire me to hang in there. Often, by means of an anecdote or someone else’s honest observation, my entire perspective can be altered. Subsequently, the clouds part, I can see things more clearly and I benefit from the longer view. In the end, I want to encourage and inspire.

I write to remind myself of what is important. I feel a remarkable sense of responsibility in this regard. Like you, I don’t want to be duplicitous or fake. My wife and kids read what I write as does my broader circle of friends and community. I set my bar high in order that I am always striving to clear it for the benefit of my wife and kids. Writing publicly keeps me accountable to those who matter most in my life.

I write to afflict myself and others. We are blessed to live in the “first world.” Chances are good that each of us lives in the top quartile of the richest country in the world. We live in a world of excess, chock-full of what I call first-world problems. When is the pool guy coming to fix the pool? My hotel room has two queen beds instead of a king. The pharmacy needs another 30 minutes to fill my daughter’s prescription. Each of us is blessed each day with an abundance that most of the world’s population will never know. I can always be more grateful!

I write to tell a story. We all love stories. Stories are powerful because they offer us so many ways to enter into the drama of our own lives. Sometimes we play the lead, then a supporting role or at times, even an obscure part. Regardless of the impact, stories help us to plug-in and take away meaning in so many ways.

Although each Crux is written in the first person, telling my story is not the real intent. As hard as it may be to recognize, these messages are not intended to be about my life at all. Chances are that each of us wrestles with very similar challenges in our life and I want to believe that these weekly messages can function as a lens through which readers pursue a better perspective on their own lives.

I intend each Crux to be like the husk on an ear of corn–something that you pull away in order to expose the good stuff…the sweet kernels of your own life.

Thomas “TD” Dierker
Live like you’re dying….cause you are!


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  1. Jude

    Awesome, that was a great crux dad! It really explaines your intent. Your a great role model for me. I can’t wait for your next crux

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